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Johnson Air Rotation

High Volume Low Velocity Air Circulation


Pool dehumidification

AQC Industries

Air-duct systems


ECM fan systems

Taco Comfort Solutions

HVAC pumps and accessories, air controls, circuit setters, heat exchangers, high efficiency air-dirt separators, VFDs, starters


Commercial condensing boilers, commercial burners, industrial burners, premix burners


Flexible ducts & fittings

Griswold Controls

Automatic flow control valves, coil piping kits, manual balance valves, PIC valves

Antec Controls

Laboratory controls, critical space pressurization controls


Humidification Equipment

Heatcraft by Modine

Replacement coils, stainless steel & process coils, high-pressure steam coils

Big Ass Fans

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans, energy-efficient LED lighting, directional fans

Vibration Mountings & Controls

Vibration isolation equipment, seismic isolation


Classroom air systems


Water management systems


Steam specialities

Sondex by Danfoss

Plate and frame heat exchangers


Spiral duct and fittings


Dampers, louvers, access doors, sound attentuatoin, air measuring solutions

Price Noise Control

Standard and custom HVAC silencers, acoustical panels, and acoustic louvers

Price Industries

Grilles, registers, diffusers, sound attenuators, under floor air distribution, terminal boxes, hospital operating room air diffusion, displacement ventilations, chilled beam technologies, lab controls

Powered Aire

Air curtains and door heaters


PVC & fiberglass fans, scrubber systems

Perry Fiberglass Products, Inc.

Fiberglass duct systems


Air measurement and control systems

Metropolitan Air Technology

Roto-Twist Cable Controlled dampers

Mason Industries

Vibration isolation equipment, seismic isolation


Wall-mounted air conditioners and heat pumps

Markel Products Co.

Electric heating equipment

Hays Fluid Controls

Automatic flow control valves, piping packages, hose kits, hydronic specialties

Hamlin Sheet Metal

Spiral duct and fittings

Greenheck Fan Corp

Roof ventilators, sidewall fans, centrifgual blowers, kitchen ventailation, energy recovery units, make-up air units, dampers, louvers, lab exhaust high plume fans, HVLS fans

Global Plasma Solutions

Bi-polar ionization, chemical absorbers

Franklin Control Systems

VFDs, pump and cooling tower controls, smart starters


Flexible duct and fittings


New and replacement field erected cooling towers, aftermarket services


Cooling towers, evaporative condensers, close circuit coolers, adiabatic and dry coolers

Enviro-Tec (ETI)

VAV terminals, air handling and fan coil units

Eastern Sheet Metal

Spiral duct and fittings


Fabric Air Dispersion

Daikin Applied

Centrifugal, scroll and screw compressor chillers, air handling units, rooftop A/C units, heat pumps, PTAC/Incremental units

Daikin North America, VRV

Variable refrigerant volume, ductless mini-splits and mult-zone


Modular chillers, heat pumps, simultaneous heating and cooling chillers

Car-Mon Products

Carbon Monoxide fume exhaust systems


Bag in/bag out, containment filtration, cleanroom filtration, ASHRAE and gas phase filtration

AQC, Inc.

Source capture dust collection systems


Stacks and Breeching, grease duct


Variable frequency drives and service

American Ultraviolet Company

Ultraviolet Air and water purification

American Aldes


Airconcepts, Inc.

Air distribution products

Above Air

Custom climate control systems