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Hoffman Parts & Warehouse is our latest business division, strategically positioned across three convenient locations in Greensboro, NC, Charlotte, NC, and Columbia, SC. Our mission is to serve as the go-to destination for HVAC contractors, technicians, and customers throughout the Carolinas, offering a comprehensive selection of HVAC equipment, parts, and supplies to support their HVAC projects.

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Hoffman Parts & Warehouse is a proud member of Affiliated Distributors’ member-owned buying group.

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Take a look at this expansive listing of OEM HVAC parts and hydronic parts:

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Our Catalog Spans All Categories and Needs

Chemical parts

Acid test kits, thread loc, coil cleaners, touch-up paints, refrigeration oils, chiller oils

Drive component parts

Motors, bearings,belts, pulleys and sheaves, bushings, bearing protection rings

Electrical parts

Capacitors, phase voltage monitors, contractors, fuses, transformers

Compressor parts

Semi-hermetic, hermetic, rotary and scroll, tandem assemblies

Refrigeration parts

Filter driers, strainers, slight glasses, fittings, and valves


Refrigeration gauges, pumps, hand tools, vacuum pumps, monitors, combustion analyzers, leak detectors, and brands including Lenox and Bacharach


Parts lists, wiring diagrams, operation and installation manuals, nomenclature information

Parts include

ABB, VRV Daikin, Daikin Applied, Greenheck, McQuay, variable speed drives, and more

Chiller parts and accessories

Cooling tower parts and accessories

Pump parts and accessories

Boiler parts and accessories