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Unique heating and cooling systems are often required for industrial and manufacturing facilities due to a number of factors. Internal production processes can be complex, heating and cooling square footage are often immense, and energy requirements are daunting. Our expertise is invaluable for teams designing HVAC systems and other building solutions for industrial and manufacturing facilities.

  • Air quality: HVAC systems should take into consideration the heat generated by massive pieces of operating equipment along with dust and other contaminants that are often generated during industrial processes.
  • Temperature: Design days take on a whole new meaning when it comes to selecting and installing industrial and manufacturing HVAC equipment. You may have to take the hottest day of the year combined with a process that boosts indoor temperatures another 30 or 40 degrees. Let us help you with the solution.
  • Unique requirements: You may need air curtains that keep one part of a facility below 40 degrees along with extreme ventilation and lighting requirements while designing a facility that needs to operate at the highest level of energy efficiency. Our manufacturing partnerships are broad; we can assist you on every level.
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