Hospitality HVAC


Project Scope

Hotel properties around the globe are clamoring for quiet HVAC systems that require minimal maintenance and are integrated into other building systems.

  • Comfort: Guests can be quick to complain if the air is too hot or too cold in individual hotel rooms. We can help you keep hotel rooms comfortable with the right HVAC equipment.
  • Efficiency: Hotels have peak demand needs for everything from energy to water. Our technical team can help you understand HVAC usage needs for hotels as well as equipment output and energy requirements. We are quite experienced helping hotels achieve the energy efficiency they need, while delivering the comfort their guests expect.
  • Service Agreements: Often, the demands of hotel properties are high. No property wants to be caught with systems down while guests demand services. We can help facilities teams with ongoing service agreements to ensure that critical systems are maintained and serviced according to manufacturer suggested guidelines.
  • Water: With the addition of Heat Transfer Sales to our family of companies, we can now supply expertise and equipment for domestic water needs, including point-of-use and point-of-entry filtration systems, booster pumps and more.
Case Studies

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