Project Scope

Retail stores certainly want to keep customers comfortable and happy. Obviously, retail HVAC systems play a big part in ensuring that comfort. Here are some challenges faced in retail HVAC design and retail building systems by engineers, architects and building owners.

  • Open spaces and high ceilings: Area for big retailers can cover anywhere from 30,000 to over 200,000 square feet. Keeping the space comfortable with appropriate heating and cooling along with humidity control can be a challenge.
  • Lighting: Lighting costs can be expensive for retailers. Owners are eager to significantly reduce lighting costs.
  • Big exterior doors opening and closing: Regular blasts of winter air or massive envelopes of summer heat are enough to drive retail HVAC equipment to work overtime. Let us walk you through some solutions that won’t tax the equipment to failure.
  • Occupancy: Retail stores look different on Black Friday than they do on a Monday morning at 11:00 a.m. It’s imperative to design a retail HVAC system that can handle the fluctuations of shopper flow.
Case Studies

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