Hoffman & Hoffman is now representing the Process Cooling Solutions Business with the industrial process chiller line from Atlas Copco. Atlas Copco offers the TCX and TCA process cooler chillers.

TCA Chiller

TCA Process Cooling Chiller

The TCA process cooling chiller offers:

  • Variety of industrial applications. The components of the chiller allow it to be used with a wide range of applications across industrial sectors.
  • Chillers for indoor and outdoor installation: The TCA55-215 chiller series can be installed both indoors and outdoors, thanks to reliable IP54 protected components.
  • Meets energy performance ratio. TCA55-215’s full range complies with the EcoDesign Directive 2021 meeting the Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio (SEPR1) to reach the highest level of energy saving.
  • TCX Chiller

    TCX process chiller

    High efficiency industrial water chillers for a wide variety of applications that require water cooling. The Atlas Copco air-cooled TCX chillers are engineered with the latest in-house technology.

    The TCX chiller from Atlas Copco:

  • Reliable industrial chiller. The TXC4-90A range is equipped with Elektronikon Mk5S and Smartlink controller on board. Pump housing, tank and evaporator are stainless steel. These chillers are designed for easy maintenance with safety components included as standard.
  • 15 models with cooling capacities from 4 to 90kW. This chiller covers all water cooling needs for small and medium-sized applications. This baseline chiller has features typical for high-level models as standard option.
  • Point-of-use chiller installation. The TCX range is equipped with stainless steel plate-to-plate evaporator that fits many water circuits or a mixture of water and glycol, but it is especially effective with closed circuits. Fan-regulated versions can be used down to -20 degrees Celsius ambient temperatures as stand-alone chillers or as part of a chiller room.
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