Columbia, SC

Hoffman & Hoffman first opened their doors in Columbia, South Carolina in 1949, and have been providing unmatched HVAC solutions and service to the community ever since. We help our healthcare, educational, data center, commercial and industrial HVAC customers with indoor air quality improvements, HVAC system efficiency, HVAC equipment upgrades, new systems designs, and more. We believe in business integrity and providing dependable solutions for every customer. The branch office is located in Cayce, SC, which is in the center of the state, along the Congaree River. They have been in their current building since 2014 – sharing 12,000 SF with our sister companies, Hoffman Mechanical Solutions and Hoffman Building Technologies. They have a veteran sales staff whose experience and product knowledge provides innovative solutions for our customers.

104 Vantage Point Drive
Cayce, SC 29172
Phone: 803-765-9360
Fax: 803-256-7728


Products + Services Available

  • Custom climate control systems
  • Air distribution products
  • Ventilation
  • Ultraviolet air and water purification
  • Stacks and Breeching
  • Laboratory controls, critical space pressurization controls
  • Air-duct systems
  • Source capture dust collection systems
  • HVLS fans, directional fans
  • Bag in/bag out, containment filtration
  • Cleanroom filtration, ASHRAE and gas-phase filtration
  • Carbon monoxide fume exhaust systems
  • Modular chillers, heat pumps, simultaneous heating and cooling chillers
  • Variable refrigerant volume (VRV), ductless mini-splits and multi-zone
  • Pool dehumidification
  • Fabric air dispersion
  • VAV terminals, air handling and fan coil units
  • Flexible duct and fittings
  • VFDs, pump and cooling tower controls, smart starters
  • Bi-polar ionization, chemical absorbers

  • Roof ventilators, sidewall fans, kitchen ventilation
  • Energy recovery units, dampers and louvers
  • Spiral duct and fittings
  • Automatic flow control valves, piping packages, hose kits, hydronic specialties
  • Replacement coils, stainless steel and process coils
  • Humidification equipment
  • Electric heating equipment
  • Roto-Twist Cable Controlled dampers
  • Air measurement and control systems
  • Fiberglass duct systems
  • PVC and fiberglass fans
  • Air curtains and door heaters
  • Grilles, registers, diffusers, underfloor air distribution
  • Hospital operating room air diffusion, lab controls
  • Standard and custom HVAC silencers, acoustical panels, and acoustic louvers
  • Water management systems
  • Classroom air systems
  • Vibration isolation equipment, seismic isolation


Service Areas Covered

Lexington, Murray, Batesburg-Leesville, Cayce, Gaston, South Congaree, Blythewood, Irmo, Chapin, Dentsville, Hopkins, Congaree, Windsor Heights, Camden, Lugoff, Elgin, Newberry, Prosperity, Lake Murray of Richland, Ridgeway, Smallwood, Jenkinsville, Sumter