New Product Line: XeteX

Hoffman & Hoffman is proud to partner with XeteX to represent their innovative ventilation solutions. XeteX, a specialty manufacturer of energy recovery and heat transfer systems, is the North American leader in providing the most innovative, cost-effective, and energy-efficient HVAC ventilation products for commercial and industrial buildings.

XeteX uses state-of-the-art energy recovery technologies to deliver the highest effectiveness in any application. XeteX can optimize system designs to deliver the highest Recovery Efficiency Ration (RER). RER is a metric for comparing energy recovery devices as it reflects the impact of pressure loss through the device as parasitic fan power. Higher RER values produce higher energy savings.

XeteX’s expertise in energy recovery, packaged refrigeration and high-efficiency equipment designs give us the ability to provide a DOAS solution to meet any system design requirements.

XeteX custom air handling products are large-scale, high-capacity systems custom engineered to deliver precision control in critical environments. The custom design allows for unlimited flexibility in equipment layout, sizing, casing splits, and accessibility. Engineers need XeteX custom air handling products when they are dealing with the following challenges:

  • Custom application designs
  • Form factor constraints
  • Energy efficiency
  • Reduced weight
  • Specialized interiors to handle caustic environments
  • Sound reduction

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