Hoffman & Hoffman represents Ruskin’s full catalog including dampers, louvers, actuators, access doors, sound attenuation, air measuring solutions, and more.

Access Doors

Ruskin Access Doors enable access into ducts without compromising safety or ventilation. Ruskin has a wide variety of doors to meet different duct styles and application needs including fiberglass duct doors, plenum doors, round duct doors, SMACNA-rated duct doors, and standard duct doors.

Actuators & Damper Accessories 

Ruskin provides a wide variety of actuators and other accessories to customize our dampers in order to meet your needs. Their line includes duct smoke detectors, flanged breakaway connections, fire damper angles, auxiliary switches, and more. To provide even greater control of dampers in HVAC systems, Ruskin also provides non-spring return actuators, spring return actuators, fuse links, and heat sensors.

Noise Control

Ruskin is a leading manufacturer of acoustical duct silencers and acoustical thermal modular housings. Their complete line of acoustical products have been installed in a wide variety of applications with engineering assistance to ensure everything performs as it should. Their offerings include:

  • Acoustical louvers (pictured above)
  • Grille silencers
  • Rectangular silencers and elbows
  • Soundchek panels
  • Transfer and tubular silencers

Air Measuring Solutions

Ruskin has a comprehensive line of air measuring, IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), and control solutions. Products include differential pressure probes for high-velocity applications, combination units that measure and maintain flow, and highly sophisticated, intelligent solutions that incorporate thermal dispersion technology with microprocessor-based controls that communicate with any building automation system. Products are available in anodized aluminum, galvanized steel, and stainless steel construction to meet job-specific requirements. Product performance data are based on testing performed in accordance with AMCA standard 500D.

Energy Recovery Ventilators 

Ruskin’s Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) recapture conditioned air to reduce energy usage in HVAC systems. Proper ventilation for occupant health and productivity is critical to the success of the building’s energy performance. In addition to improving indoor air quality (IAQ), increased ventilation rates reduce the cost of conditioning large quantities or outdoor air in combination with energy recovery products.


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