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Hoffman Comfort Products, a division of Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc., is the manufacturer’s representative for Big Ass Fans® in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. H&H has been leading the HVAC industry for nearly 75 years and was excited to partner with HVLS experts, Big Ass Fans, in early 2020. We also represent ZOO Fans®, a leading supplier of innovative destratification fans and smart controls.


HVLS 101

HVLS fans infoHigh-volume, low-speed fans are an efficient and powerful way to improve occupant comfort in areas that are not easily cooled using standard methods, such as air conditioning. The fans work by pulling air down from above their airfoils, pushing it straight down toward the floor, where it will make a 90-degree turn to move across the ground (where people are!), then back up the walls to start the process all over again. With the right placement, you are able to create enough air movement to result in a “cooling effect,” which is when air moves across your skin to make you feel 10-12 degrees cooler.

Because of their size, HVLS fans are effective and efficient. Using ¾- to 2-hp motors, they consume power at a fraction of the cost of multiple small ceiling fans. Big Ass Fans couple energy-efficient motors with variable frequency drives and patented airfoil designs inspired by airplane wings to move large volumes of air quietly and efficiently. With HVLS fans from 8 to 24 feet in diameter, Big Ass Fans offers sizes to suit all applications.


More Than Just Cooling

Although fans are primarily used for cooling in the summer, they offer year-round benefits, including heat destratification and improved indoor air quality.

Heat Destratification
One of the primary problems large facilities face is providing a way to heat the entire space while trying to minimize energy spending. Even if you continue to raise the thermostat, heat rises, so all of your money is up at the ceiling where building occupants cannot benefit. With HVLS fans, you can operate them at low speeds (low enough that it will not create a cooling effect) to move the warm air back down to where the people and thermostat are, saving you money! Learn more about the science of destratification.


Clean Air
Since the beginning of the pandemic, finding ways to protect building occupants has become a growing concern. In response, Big Ass Fans has developed a range of solutions to fit any application. Using UV-C, there are industrial, commercial, and directional options to help add an extra layer of protection through every inch of your space.



Big Ass Fans in Every Industry

BAF Architect Lookbook

Look at all the great and potentially unexpected places Big Ass Fans show up! Click below to view the “Airflow Reimagined” flipbook.

Get Started

Schedule a free facility assessment with one of our experts

Unsure how to determine the size and quantity of fans you need? Don’t worry – our team of experts can walk you through the process during one of our free facility assessments.

Included in your assessment:

  • Walk the facility with you to discuss areas of concern
  • Take measurements to determine the most effective sizes, quantities, and placement
  • Discuss other products and solutions that could benefit your facility
  • Create a detailed layout of the facility with machinery, racking, and other obstructions included
  • Perform an airflow analysis of the space using Big Ass Fans’ CFD software, SpecLab®
  • Create a quote that will include the fan kits, required accessories, and installation if requested



Big Ass Fan’s state of the art airflow analysis system

Only Big Ass Fans offers groundbreaking SpecLab® software, a cloud-based, comprehensive configurator that allows you to work side-by-side with our experts to specify airflow solutions. Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and your building’s unique layout, SpecLab creates a full 3D simulation of our fans in your space, letting you see our recommendations in a level of detail never before possible.

  • Visualize and quantify Big Ass fans’ impact on personal comfort
  • Evaluate fan performance in a 3D simulation of your space
  • Fast-track project approvals with a data-backed airflow analysis
  • Test airflow and efficiency for new construction and retrofit projects

Other fan companies tell you their solution for your space, but only Big Ass Fans shows you a precise simulation in an immersive 3D environment. This remarkable tool is without precedent in the industry and is available at no cost to you with a custom quote from a Big Ass Fans expert.


Finish the Job Right

Take advantage of Big Ass Fans certified installation

Benefits of Big Ass Installation:

  • Factory-Trained Experts
  • Fast, Flexible Service
  • Upgraded Warranties
  • Committed Customer Support
  • Guaranteed Work

Big Ass Fans is proud to provide the industry’s most dedicated customer service and the only nationwide network of factory-certified installers. The licensed professionals in our Certified Installer Program are committed to ensuring that your Big Ass fans are installed quickly, correctly, and safely.
















Big Ass Fans Referral Program

Join the Big Ass Fans and Hoffman & Hoffman referral program to start earning rewards, such as gift cards to major retailers and restaurants. Learn more about the program.


Destratification Fans

Destratification FanZOO Fans are Lowering the Cost of High Ceilings® with their open ceiling and drop ceiling fan options. Unlike other destratification fans, only ZOO fans offer full variable speed control as a standard feature. This allows the user to fine-tune comfort and savings – individually, in zones, manually, automatically or via BAS. Easy installation leads to energy savings and improved comfort in your Zone of Occupancy with ZOO Fans’ patented designs. ZOO fans incorporate advanced fan engineering to gently deliver conditioned air from the ceiling to the floor, in spaces from 8’ to 100+’ high. This added circulation eliminates hot and cold spots in all types of facilities, not just the occupied ones. Products such as pharmaceuticals, food, and beverages also thrive on even temperature and humidity. A space that is evenly balanced is also easier and less expensive to heat and cool.

Both their open ceiling and drop ceiling fan options run independently of HVAC and are easy to install. ZOO Fans H-Series fans are designed for open ceilings and free-hanging locations. The “H” stands for “Height” and represents the hanging height (AFF) at which each fan model is designed to generate sufficient airflow to hit the floor at a minimum of 100 feet per minute. ZOO Fans IC-Series fans are designed primarily for drop ceilings and can also be installed in hard lids. “IC” stands for “In-Ceiling” and the number behind it represents the hanging height (AFF) at which each fan model is designed to generate sufficient airflow to hit the floor at a minimum of 100 feet per minute.

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