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Hoffman Comfort Products (HCP) is a division of Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc. based in Charlotte, North Carolina and available to serve you from our office and warehouse locations throughout the Carolinas as well as Virginia and Tennessee. Our mission is to use our expertise to provide high-quality, effective solutions for end-user customers to maximize occupant comfort, productivity, and safety in the workplace. Whether it be improving your indoor air quality or heating and cooling your space, Hoffman Comfort has the solution to fit your facility’s needs.


Big Ass Fans vertical logoInfrared & Unit Heaters
Big Ass Fans® Infrared Heaters are the smart way to heat any industrial or commercial space. Protect your people through the colder months with advanced heating technology that directly warms occupants and objects, not the air. Whether you’re pairing it with HVLS fans to heat your entire facility or turning cold spots comfortable with its precision targeting, Big Ass Fans Infrared Heaters have the power and performance you need to keep your whole team happy and warm. The Big Ass Fans Unit Heaters are energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and blow warm air throughout your facility.


Heaters and HVLS Fans: A Complementary Solution
We know by now that merely raising the thermostat is not enough to conquer extreme cold because heat rises away from the occupants on the ground floor. The most cost-effective, energy-efficient solution to keeping people comfortable year-round is combining Big Ass heaters and HVLS fans. By destratifying any heat that rises up from our infrared or unit heaters back to the ground level, you’re maximizing energy savings while keeping employees productive, safe, and comfortable.


Big Ass Fans heater options infrared destratification


Modine LogoUnit Heaters
Modine’s electric heaters are ideal for most industrial plants, commercial and recreational buildings, and special-purpose structures such as animal shelters. That’s because our electric heaters are designed for long heat-throw, uniform heat delivery, and reduced installation and maintenance costs.


Markel Products CompanyElectric Heating Equipment
Markel Products Company has been the choice of professionals since 1921. Today Markel is an industry leader in providing smart choices for any application that requires electric heat, thermostats, or controls.


Powered Aire logoAir Curtains & Door Heaters
Powered Aire, Inc. offers commercial air curtains (air doors) found in retail stores and environments with consistent levels of pedestrian foot traffic. These curtains are aesthetically pleasing and quietly perform at the highest level to maximize employee/customer comfort and energy savings. Air curtains must be equipped to handle the unique challenges presented by industrial environments. Temperatures, dust, debris, and other environmental factors are constantly changing, and Powered Aire’s stainless-steel, heavy-duty air curtains were designed to excel in these industrial applications.

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