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Hoffman Custom Solutions, a division of Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc., is the manufacturer’s representative for AcoustiFLO in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. H&H has been leading the HVAC industry for nearly 75 years and was excited to partner with custom air handling equipment experts, Haakon. AcoustiFLO is the performance-engineered, specific purpose plenum fan — designed to be the quietest, most compact, modular, energy-efficient fan. Their fans are unmatched for sound sensitive applications.


Flexibility and Performance



AcoustiFLO’s engineered flow path (shown below) uses a slotted aluminum diffuser to minimize turbulence by gently seducing the air around the curve which in turn substantially reduces regenerated noise. To maximize sound absorption, they’ve added 12 inches of encapsulated acoustic fill to the outer diffuser and 6 inches to the inner diffuser. AcoustiFLO fans can overcome up to 12” of static pressure well under the industry speed limit of 90hz.



AcoustiFLO offers maximum efficiency with its blade count and wheel width combined with infinitely variable speed to provide a spectrum of typical HVAC pressure and flow requirements. Their plenum fan arrays offer up to 10% higher peak static efficiency. AcousticFLO’s efficiency reduces refrigeration plant load, reduces power consumption, and reduces the fan BHP required. Through energy savings alone, a typical project could pay for itself within a short period of time.



Typically larger fans increase length, but with AcoustiFLO, the air mover length doesn’t grow regardless of capacity — they only get wider and taller. In addition to their compact nature, AcoustiFlo fans are designed with a 3-in-1 unitized motor base which provides isolation, seismic restraint, and lockdown for transport or service. All AcoustiFLO equipment has a reduced aspect ratio, requiring less than one inch of space between each fan. Their fans can be configured in even or odd numbers, making them the perfect solution for retrofits.


AcoustiFLO's Engineered Fan Flow Path



AcoustiFLO’s products are applied in factory-built, custom air handlers like those offered by Haakon. In addition to superior acoustics and efficiency, AcoustiFLO’s flexibility and broad capacity range offer improved system reliability combined with 100% n-1 redundancy in many applications by applying the proper number of fans in an array.

All of their fans are AMCA certified for efficiency and acoustics and are used on projects requiring LEED certification. AcoustiFLO provides technologically advanced fan assemblies for the semi-conductor industry, high-rise office buildings, hospitals, and educational facilities.

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