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Hoffman Custom Solutions, a division of Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc., is the manufacturer’s representative for Haakon in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. H&H has been leading the HVAC industry for nearly 75 years and was excited to partner with custom air handling equipment (AHU) experts, Haakon.


Custom Engineering

Haakon manufactures engineered-to-order air handling equipment of exceptional quality. Haakon has an experienced engineering staff that provides the highest quality, creative, rapid design service and their manufacturing process brings your ideas to life. All of their AHUs are custom-made to suit the size, shape, and intricacies of your space. Their units are non-modular, component-based, and adhere to your specific geometry requirements. Every unit is flexible to 1/16 of an inch and features high-density sound-absorbing fiber insulation.

Haakon Casing Doors on a Custom Indoor Unit
Casing doors offer full-height stainless steel piano hinges, fully welded corners on all door frames, compression door handles on both sides, automotive grade bulb seal, and gutter above doors on all outdoor units.
Haakon Custom Outdoor Air Handling Unit
Outdoor units offer an integral catwalk, standing seam roof, metal hoods, and aluminum louvers. The base features include foam insulation, optional curbs, and optional seismic curb restraints.


Lowest Life Cycle Cost

Haakon’s HVAC units are efficient, well built, and long-lasting. They offer the lowest life cycle cost in the industry with a 30+ year life. Each of Haakon’s custom units has low discharge air temps with no sweat requirement, a fully welded floor with drains in each section, and aluminum construction.


Post Sales Support

The Haakon in-house engineering team averages a drawing turnaround time of 24-48 hours with proprietary design software. They also provide LOCAL factory support via their production plant in Asheville, NC.


Industries Served

Haakon designs and manufactures custom air handling units for applications as diverse as hospitals to oil platforms, classrooms, and more.


Typical airports need specialty filtration, large access sections and doors, and corrosion resistant coatings and materials.


Typical automotive facilities need high capacity, heavy-duty electrical equipment, and silicone-free construction.


Clean-ability is critical for these facilities and they need FDA-approved sealants, sealed electrical conduits, and stainless steel on casing and racks.

Data Centers

Data centers need low energy use, minimized footprint, large air volumes, and have different humidity targets than standard HVAC

Office Buildings

Office buildings need thick sound-absorbing walls and bypass dampers on cooling coils for humidity control.


Some typical features for industrial air handling units are integral motor lifting beams, aluminum dampers, and specialty coatings.


Hospitals need wash-down liners, UV lights, final filters, and heavy-duty casings.


These facilities need high-efficiency fans for minimal energy use, double wall sound absorbing casings, and easily changeable filters.


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