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Hoffman Custom Solutions, a division of Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc., is the manufacturer’s representative for Konvekta in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. H&H has been leading the HVAC industry for nearly 75 years and was excited to partner with energy recovery experts, Konvekta.


Technology in Recovering Energy


Konvekta has developed the most efficient high-performance energy recovery system on the market today. A high-performance energy recovery system consists of energy recovery coils in the supply (AHU) and exhaust (EXH) air handlers, a fluid circuit between the two, a pump, and a controller. The energy recovery coils in the exhaust air stream transfer energy from the exhaust air to the fluid circuit. The fluid is piped to the AHU to preheat the outside air. While this explains how heat can be recovered by the heat recovery system in winter, the same can also provide cooling in summer. In addition to their high-performance energy recovery systems, Konvekta also offers two other types of systems. Their multi-functional energy recovery systems are used if the recovered energy is not sufficient to heat the outside air to the desired supply air temperature – these multi-functional systems use plate and frame heat exchangers to provide supplemental heating or cooling. Their network energy recovery systems are used to incorporate several supply and exhaust air handlers into one energy recovery system through a common hydronic unit.


Reduced Costs & Emissions


After the system has been installed, Konvekta will remotely monitor the system to guarantee recovery rates for the lifetime of the facility. In the event that the results do not meet expectations within the first year, they will make a deal to pay the difference. Within five years, most ROI systems pay off.

Konvekta offers a reduction in operating costs by up to 80%. The first cost savings you will see are:

      • Reduced boiler capacity required
      • Reduced chiller capacity required
      • Elimination of heating coils
      • No piping to heating coils
      • No controls/valves for heating coils
      • Shorter air handlers
      • BAS contractor does not have to control the energy recovery system
      • No third-party startup of energy recovery system

Finally, Konvekta’s energy recovery systems will reduce Co2 emissions by up to 90%.

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